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Julia Roberts To Star In Feature Film About PTA Mom Framed For Drug Possession  

Julia RobertsThe twisted tale of Orange County school parents’ revenge that spun out of control is coming to the screen. A feature film based on the Kelli Peters case, which has Julia Roberts attached to star and produce, is currently being shopped, and there are multiple bidders.

The film will be based on the book, which victim Kelli Peters wrote with Sam Rule (a pseudonym for a New York Times writer), “’I’ll Get You!’ Drugs, Lies, and the Terrorizing of a PTA Mom.” There is no screenwriter on board yet. Word is that frequent Roberts collaborator George Clooney and his Smoke House producing partner Grant Heslov are circling the project.

The book is described as the true story of an ordinary American woman who survived an evil conspiracy that turned her life upside down and shook her hometown to its core.

Kelli Peters was PTA president and volunteer at her daughter’ elementary school in Orange County, California. One day, another mom angrily accused her of keeping her son waiting during the afterschool pick-up. The confrontation led to the accuser and her husband, a power couple of attorneys, launching a campaign to ruin Peters’ life that included the demand for her dismissal from school volunteering, a lawsuit against her and ultimately her framing for drug possession by planing drugs in her car and reporting her to the police. Peters was arrested and investigated but the truth eventually came out and, after a five-year ordeal, Peters earlier tis year won $5.7 million-dollar civil judgment against the couple.

The book was published Sept. 2 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. The following day, there a feature about the case, Framed, in the LA Times by reporter Christopher Goffard.

The feature project is being shopped by CAA, which reps Roberts, Peters and the book. It is unclear yet whether the news article, repped by ICM Partners, will be used as source material.

Roberts has portrayed real-life women before, most famously activist Erin Brockovich, a role that earned her an Oscar.


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Fnding DoryThe movie business played a high stakes game of poker nearly every weekend this summer. Sometimes, as in the case of “Finding Dory” or “Captain America: Civil War,” the bets paid off spectacularly. But not every hand was a winner, with the likes of “Ghostbusters,” “The BFG” and “Ben-Hur” racking up tens of millions of dollars in losses and illustrating the dangers of playing the wrong cards. It’s all part of the price of navigating a globalized, tentpole-obsessed movie landscape.

“These big films have become an obsession with Hollywood,” said Jeff Bock, an analyst with Exhibitor Relations. “Studios want to have their cake and eat it too. They want all the merchandising, video games, and spinoffs that can come with a hot property. It’s not just about box office. It’s about total pop culture domination.”

Reports of the movie business’ demise may be premature after the summer ended on an unexpected high note. A record August helped drive summer revenues up slightly to roughly $4.4 billion domestically. That will be make it the second largest summer in terms of grosses after 2013, an unexpected piece of good news considering that heading into July ticket sales were down roughly 10% and a host of big-budget flops such as “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and “Warcraft” had media outlets prepping the obituaries.

“There was something of a misperception about the summer,” said Chris Aronson, Fox’s domestic distribution chief. “Some high profile misses early on sort of tainted everything, but we ended up in a much better spot. “

The numbers may be better than expected, but there are still reasons to be concerned. Record ticket prices helped paper over waning interest in the part of consumers for what Hollywood was selling. Admissions dropped year-over-year from 531 million to approximately 500 million. That’s the second worst result in nearly twenty years.

First quarter box office was up 12.7%, second quarter fell 9.25% and the third quarter is up 16.25% so far. Year-to-date revenues stand at $7.94 billion, a 4.68% improvement that could put 2016 on track to hit a new milestone at the box office.

The gap between monsters successes and more modest hits also widened. Summer saw a well-defined split between the most successful films and other titles, noted Dave Hollis, distribution head for Disney, who pointed out that there were no films that wound up in the $200 million to $300 million range domestically.

“We did not see a ton of films in the middle ground this summer,” Hollis noted.

Disney led with two films over $400 million – “Finding Dory” at $480 million and “Captain America: Civil War” at $407 million – followed by Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s “Secret Life of Pets” at $353 million and Warner Bros.’ “Suicide Squad,” due to cross the $300 million mark around Labor Day. The next highest film was Fox’s “X-Men: Apocalypse” at $155 million, representing a fairly wide gulf.

Hollis pointed out that the dearth of big hits beyond the top four films meant that the cumulative domestic total of the top 10 films of the summer will finish about $500 million behind last summer, which saw “Jurassic World” lead the way with $652 million. Disney was dominant in terms of market share, carving up 26.5% of revenues, a significant lead over runner up Warner Bros., which had 16.5%. It’s an impressive accomplishment given that Disney released 15 fewer films this year than Warner Bros. did.

It’s a sign of how formidable the studio has become after shelling out billions of dollars to buy Pixar, LucasFilm, and Marvel, giving it the rights to hugely successful franchises such as the Avengers and Star Wars. Of course, not everything the Mouse House touched turned to gold. The studio saw disappointing results from “Alice Through the Looking Glass” at $77 million, “Pete’s Dragon” at $57 million and “The BFG” with $54 million.

Dont BreatheThe horror genre proves to be frighteningly reliable this season as “Don’t Breathe” is the latest scary flick to have an impressive box office showing. The film, from Sony’s Screen Gems and Steve Bersch’s Stage 6 Films, earned $10 million on Friday at 3,051 locations, and is eyeing a $22 million opening weekend.

“Suicide Squad” will steal second place this weekend with about $11 million at 3,582 locations. The Warner Bros. film is in its fourth frame and has already earned well over $500 million worldwide.

Jason Statham will carry “Mechanic: Resurrection” to an opening of $7 million at 2,258 locations after earning $2.6 million on Friday. The film, about an assassin forced out of retirement, follows up on 2011’s “The Mechanic.” Specialty division Lionsgate Premiere is distributing the film, and is banking on success in the U.K. market.

After a $1 million Friday, “Southside with You” from Roadside Attractions and Miramax is projecting to finish with $3 million at 813 sites, while TWC’s boxing biopic “Hands of Stone” will open to about $2 million at 810 locations.

The third weekend of Sony’s “Sausage Party,” will consume a little over $7 million this weekend, putting it in third behind “Suicide Squad.” Laika’s animated “Kubo and the Two Strings” from Focus won $2 million in sales Friday, and will finish the weekend with about $7 million at 3,279 locations.

This strong opening for “Don’t Breathe” is especially successful considering its price tag of less than $10 million. It debuted at SXSW and screened at Comic-Con, and currently has an 87% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Don’t Breathe” is a horror-thriller about three robbers in Detroit who target a man who they think is blind and helpless, but turns out to be anything but. It is directed by Fede Alvarez and stars Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto and Stephen Lang.

Horror projects have shown an uncanny ability to draw crowds this year — New Line’s “The Conjuring 2” has earned over $100 million domestically and $320 million worldwide, while the same studio’s “Lights Out” has brought in a global sum of $111 million. Universal’s “The Purge: Election Year” also broke the $100 million milestone worldwide.

This all comes in a summer where flops are aplenty. “Ben-Hur,” the $100 million production that debuted last weekend to a dismal $11 million and change, while sequels and reboots like “Independence Day: Resurgence” and “Ghostbusters” have underperformed as well.

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Sherlock Holmes parodié par Will Ferrell et John C. Reilly

Will Ferel JhonC ReillyPrès de dix ans après leur duo dans Frangins malgré eux, Will Ferrell et John C. Reilly vont se retrouver pour "Holmes and Watson", parodie des films du célèbre détective et de son ami médecin.

Les Frangins malgré eux réunis ! Variety confirme que Will Ferrell et John C. Reilly se donneront à nouveau la réplique dans la comédie Holmes & Watson. Le film sera écrit et réalisé par Etan Cohen, qui retrouvera Ferrell après En Taule : mode d'emploi. Auparavant, Cohen a également signé les scénarios de Tonnerre sous les Tropiques et Men In Black 3.La comédie produite par Sony mettra les deux héros de Conan Doyle face à des ennemis venus des quatre coins du monde.

Les deux comédiens se sont déjà cotôyés il y a des années pour Frangins malgré eux (2008), et Ricky Bobby, roi du circuit (2006), tous deux réalisés par Adam McKay (The Big Short). Ils s'étaient également croisés sur Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie et Légendes vivantes.

Ferrell était récemment dans Zoolander 2, et John C. Reilly sera le 8 mars prochain dans Kong: Skull Island.

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Le premier musée de street art en France ouvrira à Paris

Muse Street ParisÀ partir du 1er octobre, dessins de rue et autres graffitis s'exposeront de manière permanente entre les murs de l'Ecole 42, l'établissement d'études informatiques fondé par Xavier Niel.

Ce n'est plus vraiment une discipline faisant polémique. Le street art, littéralement «art de rue», n'a plus la réputation sulfureuse qu'il traînait à ses débuts. Si autrefois, la pratique était souvent taxée de vandalisme, elle affiche aujourd'hui une caution nettement plus chic. Pour preuve, deux street artistes (Frédéric «Lek» Malek et Mathieu «Sowat» Kendrick) ont intégré l'an passé la très chic Villa Médicis en tant que pensionnaires.

Dans sa quête de respectabilité, le street art franchit une nouvelle étape puisque dans quelques semaines, l'art urbain aura droit à… son premier musée français. Enfin, plutôt une enceinte qui l'accueillera entre ses murs: l'Ecole 42, l'école informatique parisienne d'un nouveau genre fondée par Xavier Niel, le créateur de Free. Le projet Art 42 ouvrira au public le 1er octobre 2016, à l'occasion de la Nuit Blanche. Les Parisiens pourront alors découvrir les premières œuvres d'artistes de rue exposées en intérieur.

JR et consorts à l'honneur

C'est le collectionneur et spécialiste d'art urbain Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, ancien directeur de l'espace Pierre Cardin, qui est à l'initiative du projet: «La création d'un musée d'art urbain au sein de l'Ecole 42 est un véritable aboutissement dans mon parcours de collectionneur», explique-t-il. 50 street artistes seront représentés sur 4 000 m2, dont de nombreuses œuvres murales et installations in situ.

De prestigieux plasticiens seront mis à l'honneur comme JR, Invader ou Shepard Fairey. Art 42 pourra également s'enorgueillir de présenter sur les murs du bâtiment les dernières œuvres réalisées in situ par d'autres grands noms du street art, tels que Philippe Baudelocque, Romain Froquet ou Monkey Bird.

Les amateurs d'art de rue mais également ceux qui souhaiteraient en apprendre un peu plus pourront arpenter le musée tous les mardis en nocturne de 19h à 21h ainsi que les samedis de 11h à 15h, grâce à des visites guidées organisées par des médiateurs. Les étudiants de l'Ecole 42 auront quant à eux l'heur de contempler ces petites merveilles au quotidien, puisque les œuvres seront installées de manière permanente. Quelle chance!

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Google Launches New Update For Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Google News DocGoogle has plenty of apps and services on offer for Android users, ranging from applications such as Maps and Translate to the Google Drive suite including productivity tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Google Slides. Assuming that you count among the Android users who rely on Google’s productivity suite while on the road, you may be pleased to learn that this week the company in Mountain View has released new updates for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, allowing for better tables and charts in all three applications.

According to Google’s official blogpost discussing the latest changes, following the recent update users will be able to copy body of cells in Sheets and paste the content in Slides or Docs, with the transferred selection rendering “as a fully-formatted table, gridlines and all”. However, this feature will only work with selections of fewer than 400 cells, and any selections larger than 400 cells will be pasted in a tap-separated format. 

Additionally, Google mentions that the technology behind charts in Sheets has been improved, and thus after the update users “may notice small changes to the way your charts are drawn”. It should be noted that all three applications – Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides – need to be updated to the latest version in order for the new improvements to tables and charts to take effect. It’s also worth mentioning that the (small) changelog included with the latest update specifies that “bug fixes and performance improvements” have been introduced for all three applications. However, the exact nature of these fixes and improvements goes unmentioned, so they are primarily working under the hood.

The latest update to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides arrives less than two months after the suite was updated to allow for easier last minute changes before printing a document. Even more recently – as in just a couple of weeks ago – Google released another major update for Docs, Slides, and Sheets, allowing for the use of add-ons from eight partners, with more add-ons expected to be released in the future. In closing, readers who may want to acquire or update Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets can refer to the source link below.

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Brad Pitt, David Fincher in Talks to Reunite for 'World War Z' Sequel

World War ZThe sequel to zombie apocalypse thriller World War Z may yet come back to life.

The project recently lost director J.A. Bayona and, for all intents and purposes, looked like it was going to die on the vine. But producer Brad Pitt is looking to his Seven and Fight Club director David Fincher to potentially come in and rescue it.

Pitt, Paramount and Skydance have had meetings with Fincher to direct the follow-up, according to several sources.

It is unclear if a deal will be made, but Fincher is surprisingly open to the idea. The picky auteur tends to eschew the tentpole and sequel game, preferring to focus on original material or adaptation of elevated material, mostly of the gritty and grounded variety.

Fincher also has plenty of room on his schedule. The filmmaker has been spending time in TV land (he was a key player in House of Cards) but had two HBO series fall apart: Living on Video, about the early 1980s music video scene, and Utopia, which was to have starred Rooney Mara.

World War Z had its own production woes that were well chronicled, as helmer Marc Forster was sidelined as the third act of the movie was reconceived, rewritten and reshot. The intervention worked and the movie became a big hit, grossing $540 million worldwide. 

Fincher, who last directed Gone Girl, also worked with Pitt on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

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Google wants to be your guide to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Rio2016 GooglrNext week sees the start of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. Enthusiasm for what should be the biggest event of the sporting calendar has been dampened by a myriad of issues, including crime, the zika virus, a hastily-built and entirely unliveable Olympic Village, and around two million tickets unsold.

But this hasn’t deterred Google. It has just announced a major update to its search product which will allow fans to follow the games closely.

All Killer, No Filler

This one’s different, trust us. Our new event for New York is focused on quality, not quantity.

Google can now tell you the national medal count, who won a particular competition, and the schedule of events. All you need to do is fire up the search engine on your laptop or mobile device, and type the name of the event or the athlete, or simply “rio 2016“.

On the Google App for iOS and Android, users can even register for push alerts to find out when an event has finished, or if a particular athlete has won a medal.

And if you can’t follow the proceedings on your television, YouTube will stream video highlights from broadcasters in over 60 different countries. It has also said that it will deploy 15 ‘top creators’, who will be livestreaming the events. It hasn’t said who they’ll be, though.

Google’s update isn’t live yet. That’ll likely happen on Friday, when the opening ceremony is scheduled to take place.

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